John 4:43-54

Day 9
After the two days (those would be the 2 days He spent with the Samaritans) he’s on the move again. This time to Galilee. Now Galilee was his home town and he knew he would not get any honor there even if they did think him a prophet.

But it seems so far the people are glad to see him ‘cause they had gone to the feast in Jerusalem and seen what He had done. Hum, now what feast was that? Oh yeah, that would be the Passover where he threw all the sellers out of the temple. Well they would remember that!

So next stop Cana – where he had helped out with the wedding wine. “An official” down in Capernaum hears Jesus is close by and he comes to find Jesus because he wants Jesus to come and heal his son who is dying. (Now I wonder how far that was: Capernaum to Cana? Let me just google that: ( ) tells me it’s a day’s walk (20-25 miles) uphill!)
Now I’m guessing Jesus knew the guy had been walking all day- uphill. And if Jesus was going to go it was going to take a day (downhill) and it was a change in His schedule… even so He makes what seems like a kind of harsh statement to the guy: “unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.”

The guy counters with another plea: “sir, come down before my child dies”. He is pretty desperate and trying to convince Jesus how serious things are. (Maybe this guy didn’t know that Jesus knew everything but I know that. I spend a good deal of time trying to explain to Jesus why things are so bad and how He just might not get it that I need HELP and NOW!)

Boy, now the challenge: “Go; your son will live.” Now I’m thinking at this point the guy has 2 choices. He can keep begging because obviously Jesus doesn’t get it OR he can obey the command and believe. (I can pretty much guess what I would do – most times I would keep begging. I’d probably have to take a few more laps around Mt. Sinai before I was desperate enough for faith to set in.) I love it that this official believed His word. (Don’t I preach that at every turn – His word is truth, whatever He says – you can bet your life on it? But sometimes, “hello!”)

It was uphill coming to Jesus but now, once he believed that word, everything was downhill from there! He couldn’t even get home before people were coming to find him. And when “an official” had put it all together “he himself believed, and all his household”. I guess there is a belief that is for a situation but then there is believing that changes your whole life. This was the second sign that Jesus did in this time frame “when he had come from Judea to Galilee.)

About God?
He knows all about us and our needs -just like He told the Samaritan woman but He still invites us to tell him. He listens. And sometimes He challenges us to faith – to believe Him. And believing will change us for ever.

About Me?
Don’t be slow to believe no matter how impossible His answer may seem.

About the World?
One person’s believing can impact a whole household, a whole community, the whole world.


Your thoughts?

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