John 5:16-47

Day 11

The Jews were ticked at Jesus for breaking the law and stepping on their polished boots but now…He’s claiming to be equal with God. Who does this guy think he is? Okay then – so glad you asked!

From where I stand His actions seem to back him up. He’s doing miracles, people are being rescued. It’s the kind of thing that might make a religious leader take pause and consider. I mean they were waiting for a Messiah, right? To be fair, there were some individuals who were trying to get their heads around it – Nicodemus maybe? But as a group – they are blind! (Of course they don’t know it or they’d be down at the pool.)

So, maybe it is out of compassion that Jesus decides to just have a sit down to illuminate the connection between Himself and His Father:

• The Father and I are linked – I’m only copying what the Father is doing.
• The Father loves me – that’s why He is showing me everything.
• The Father is going to show me a bunch more because He wants you to see it “that you may marvel.”
• The Father raises the dead and gives them life – I give life.
• The Father no longer judges but has given me this place of honor so you will see the need to honor me like you honor Him. You can’t honor Him without honoring me – we go together. It’s a package deal.
• If you hear my word and believe My Father – ‘cause we are partners in this – you will bypass judgment and receive eternal life. Look, this is the simple message you can share with your people! Make it your next sermon.
• Really, here’s the deal that’s happening right now – through Me: People are spiritually dead but if they listen and receive what I’m saying they will live.
• Let me reiterate: I’m not doing this stuff on my own…I’m doing what the Father wants. You want witnesses? There was JTB and the work itself but even better is “the one who sent me” – God.
• You can’t see God or hear Him but you’ve got His words written down. You study them and pat each other on the back at your “understanding” and think you’re set but you have totally missed the message. You have God’s words so you will know and recognize Me.
• I don’t have to judge you guys, Moses will do that – he was writing about me. If you didn’t get that, how will you believe my words?

About God:
He has a plan working that will make me marvel. I love the sound of that word.

About Me:
Not being the touchy- feel-ly type, it’s easy for me to look at God’s word as an exercise in gaining wisdom or knowledge but how often am I looking to deepen my relationship with Jesus as a person?

About the world:
There is a resurrection to life and a resurrection to judgment. Gives me pause. Is my life a book about me or about Him?


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