John 7:25-36

day 17

Mixed up messages don’t make sense. The Jews are out to get Jesus – everybody knows it – yet here he sits “speaking openly” and “the Jews” are doing nothing! This apparent contradiction is causing a lot of talk. People are wondering “What do the leaders know that they are not telling us?” They are questioning each other…and themselves – about who Jesus might really be. Someone they never expected has sat down right beside them in their very own family pew and they don’t know how to squeeze Him in.

One thing for sure – Jesus always raises questions. “Is He really the Christ?”

They tried to use the balance sheet approach:

No – we know where he came from and we are not supposed to know where the Christ comes from

Yes – would the real Christ do any more signs than this man?

Meantime, Jesus is sitting right there, in his protective bubble, (the one that keeps him on the loose until “his hour has come”) and he listens to their struggle to understand.

And into their seeking He speaks to the “no” side of the equation. “You know me, and you know where I come from. But I have not come of my own accord. He who sent me is true, and him you do not know. I know him, for I come from him, and he sent me.”

How does that answer their question? I think He is telling them their “No” is really a “Yes”. They know where he came from as a human person but someone else sent him – One they do not know!

And to this thought Jesus adds some comfort – the One you don’t know? –I know him. And if you’re wondering who is telling the truth – well, the One who sent me is true.

Do you believe? Now that went in two directions:

No – They were still seeking to arrest him

Yes – “Yet many of the people believed in him.”

People are getting more agitated and it gets back to the brass (Pharisees) so they send the officers to arrest Jesus.

Jesus keeps on talking – “Time is short; I will only be around a little longer and then I’m going where you can’t come and find me.” The more He tells the more questions they have. “Well, where could he go – the Dispersion? What does He mean we can’t go and find him?” Problem is they are asking each other! Forget tomorrow people – seek Him now.

About God?
He is true.

About Me?
Prejudice and preconceived ideas are a smoke screen to seeing God’s truth.
About the World?
Jesus is available to answer any questions about who He is. No reservations needed.


Your thoughts?

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