Acts 3:11-26

It’s clear the formerly lame man did not want Peter and John to leave him… very likely his joy was going to last a good long while. The crowd, “utterly astounded” by the event, has rushed to surround them.

Apparently if there’s a crowd Peter is ready to talk. He begins to speak making it extremely clear that the healing was not done by them – not their power nor their piety. ( Power?  Didn’t I just read Peter say yesterday, “Silver and gold I have not but what I do have I give to you”? I have nothing that will heal a broken person except to offer them Jesus. The piety part is interesting – my “good clean living and outrageous rule following” is not going to make me right with God.)

If not them, then who is the healer? It’s Jesus – God’s chosen One.

There are all kinds of way to share the Gospel but a quick review of Peter’s message can provide a few essentials:

• Jesus is God – the Author of Life and the Holy and Righteous sacrifice for mankind. (Acts 3:13 -15, 17)
• Jesus has overcame death by His resurrection (Acts 3:15)
• This was foretold by the prophets and has been fulfilled by Jesus (Acts 3:18)
• Everyone has sinned (Acts 3:13, 17)
• One must choose to repent or suffer destruction (Acts 3:19,23)
• Salvation in found by placing one’s faith in the name of Jesus (Acts 3:16)
• God will in turn give you His presence and bless you. (Acts 3:19-20 & 25-26)
• Jesus will come again (Acts 3:21)

I’m touched by Peter’s gentleness – he affirms the crowd is guilty of killing the Author of Life. (That’s hard to hear- but it is necessary to know you are a sinner.) But he also acknowledges they acted in ignorance as did their leaders. Peter is drawing the crowd in, not pushing them away. (Even when my words are necessary they may be difficult to hear – do I consider my listener with compassion?)

I love the promises too – wholeness, blessing, being refreshed by the Lord’s presence and His imminent return. (As His follower I am to be spreading the good news of hope to all the families of the earth.)

About God?
God is ready and able to utterly astound us.

About Me?
Be ready to give an answer.

About the World?
Everyone needs compassion.


Your thoughts?

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