Acts 5:12-16


The apostles were going about the business of regularly performing signs and wonders. They were all together in Solomon’s Porch. All together here really means “in one accord” or “with like passion” not that they were just standing around together. ♥

Solomon’s Porch was the east section of the Temple porticos. It was a large open area where anyone could approach but it says others dared not join them. I’m guessing here at the Temple there was still a great fear of the Jewish leaders. In spite of the fear factor, the people held them (the apostles) in high esteem. 

Every day more and more people came to know the Lord – multitudes, both men and women. If fact, Peter and the disciples became so well known the people brought the sick out into the streets hoping Peter’s shadow would heal them. (For real? Wonder how the Jewish leaders were taking it? I mean they had to walk along the same streets.)

The news spread to towns nearby and those people brought their sick and afflicted to Jerusalem for healing and they were all healed. (I just can’t fathom the atmosphere in Jerusalem – must have been unbelievable!)

What a changed bunch of men! No more doubting Thomas’ or boasting Peter or jockeying Sons of Thunder – now they moved as one in the power of the Spirit. They were probably as amazed and marveling at what was taking place as those who watched! (I remember a time when it was obvious to me my mouth was moving but God was speaking. I listened with rapt attention like I was one of the hearers! On that occasion God worked a kind of miracle and over the next month He brought about what I would have never believed possible. It was a humbling experience and whenever I recalled it, it makes me marvel!)

I’m inclined to think God is in the miracle business and He has given each of us the ability to regularly perform signs and wonders that will draw people to Him. They may or may not be physical healing. We may know when we are used by Him and we may not. It might be a big, loud, flashy thing or a little, gentle, quite thing – but whenever and however God might chose, I just want to be ready – just like Isaiah – “Here I am! Send me.”

About God?
God is in the miracle business.

About Me?
I work for the Miracle Maker.

About the World?
Take a close look at a life that has really been changed.


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