Galatians 2:1-21

day 4

In a nutshell, what I appreciated about this very full passage was Paul’s willingness to be accountable. He was out in the field now 14 years, doing exactly what God called him to do – share the Gospel with the gentile world. Then he had what he called a “revelation”. I guess I’d have to go parallel this point in his ministry with Acts to see what the revelation might have been. It would be worth the effort, but not necessarily important to this comment.

The point is he decided to take his revelation to believers he trusted to give him a straight answer. Having one’s own idea about something is a fine thing, but the higher calling is to be as sure as possible that you have God’s idea. With that in mind, he took his guys and went to see the big guns in J-town in order to make sure I was not running or had not run in vain.

Who of us is this secure in following the Lord or this humble?

Paul – no mild-mannered reporter – came away affirmed and then did not take a step back. He held his position hard and fast, even when Peter faltered. Paul called them like he saw them, but that confidence surely came, in part,  from willingly submitting himself to scrutiny in order to have his best shot at having God’s plan foremost in his life.

About God?
God gives “personal revelations” to guide us.

About me?
A woman who seeks wise counsel is wise.

About the World?
People of integrity are open to evaluation.


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