Galatians 3:15-29

day 6

Here’s one of those logical arguments by Paul. Sometimes I read one and it sounds so perfectly clear it surprises me. Five minutes later I’m confused again. Today, this seemed crystal.

The thing that made me curious was how the law came: “it was put in place by angels by an intermediary.” I had no idea angels were involved. How can you be a Christian for almost 40 years and never have thought about that? Well, never have. Never heard anybody talk about it. Never heard a sermon on it.

A very little bit of research on this phrase gave me an interesting topic to investigate sometime soon. In the meantime I’ll share an article I found. I don’t make any claims for it except to say I found it on the internet and it makes me curious. Angels and the Giving of the Law.

But what does today’s reading say to me?

About God?
He made a promise to Abraham that would be fulfilled in Jesus.

About Me?
I reaped the benefit of God’s promise when I believe in Jesus as the rescuer.

About the World?
You can too.


Your thoughts?

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