Galatians 5:1-6


Provided pleasing God and knowing Him is important to you at all, you get to choose your way to achieve righteousness.  Whichever way you go you must meet every requirement for that particular method.  Okay….Go!

Here’s the path – works or faith?  One relies on you keeping all of God’s laws and the other means trusting someone else to do it for you.

Works – how confident do you feel?  We can do this, right? Let’s see what’s involved. 

Okay… The best way to do this is never break the Law.  Not ever.  No lying, no cheating, no unkind words, no unintentional outbursts like “damn!” when you hit your thumb with a hammer. No yelling at your kids, no gossiping, no over eating, no working on Sunday or Saturday (whichever you think is correct), no eating certain foods (there’s a list for your convenience), and a bunch more things like this you will need to study up on to know about.  Of course none of the 10 big things like murder, idolatry, etc.  (The big 10 list is in Exodus 20:1-17.) 

I’m told there are about 613 commandments but some of them are fuzzy as to exactly what’s involved, so many leaders have added a bunch of interpretations. You probably need to cover all of these too… Just to be safe.

Have you ever eaten a ham and cheese sandwich?   BUZZZZ… Thank you for playing!

Wait… Okay you messed up.  That’s okay, God has some “stay outta jail cards” available.  Whew!  Now, how do I use those, again?

Lucky for us, all of these are listed in the Old Testament – Leviticus I think is a good starting place. It tells you about all the offerings and sacrifices and stuff you can do to “undo” where you messed up.  Piece of cake, right?  Most of the stuff involves grain or lambs and goats…I think you need a Levite.  Don’t worry.  It’s all written out for ya.

Then there’s faith in Jesus.

He was God in the flesh and He was already perfect and led a sinless life.  Good start!  Then He became the sacrifice that God required to overcome all sin and death – once and for all – the end of trying to keep up.  He really didn’t need to do all that since He never messed up, but He did it for the people He loved.  So if Jesus loves you, then you can get in on this deal.

Wow…so who does Jesus love?  Everyone!  Too cool.  This sounds so much better but how do you get this plan and can Jesus be trusted?  I mean this is my ticket to being “righteous” enough to be with God!

First, since God and Jesus are one in the same – Father and Son – Jesus can be trusted because God never lies.  And He set this whole thing up.  Secondly, all you need to do is ask Him to forgive you for messing up and ask him to take over for you.  You’ll be eternally grateful.

So, here’s the choice: slavery to the Law or freedom by faith?

About God?
He set up the Law to be temporary fix until Jesus could make a perfect way back to God.

About Me?

I chose freedom and grace. I chose Jesus.

About the World?

Sin is the problem.  Jesus is the solution.


Your thoughts?

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