Galatians 5:7-15

Day 11

Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another

 It’s hard not to focus on this section.  Its 2 fold – a don’t and a doDon’t allow your freedom to be sidetracked by your sin nature.  Do love one another by serving them.

 When I forget that the things I am doing are intended to serve someone else, I begin to drift toward what serves me in how I serve them.  That of course, leads to me only serving me and I have forgotten all about them.

Today I spent quite a long time chatting with an elderly lady in the craft store.  We compared notes about our desire to use our gifts to minister to others.  She was quite a talented artist (I saw one of her pencil sketches).  She had been a teacher and she wanted to teach a specific group of people right now.  She had in mind teaching portrait drawing to men in the new VA hospital who were confined to a bed or a wheelchair.  The only problem was the hospital wasn’t open yet.

We investigated other places she might volunteer in the meantime – the schools, ORMC, nursing homes, women’s groups in her home – many of which she had attempted at some time or another – each one was found lacking.  They all had a problem in common – the teacher wanted to teach a certain way and the audience was not a perfect fit.

This could be me at any time.  My desire to serve must, first and foremost, come from my desire to love.  When that happens I am meeting their needs and not my own

This is not so easy but I’ve notice the warning sign for me being off course is losing my flexibility.  I’m a left brain, linear thinker but I’m coming to realize that the Spirit flowing is right brain – go with the flow – creative.  He is meeting all kinds of needs at the same time – some I see and recognize and others where I am totally clueless.  His plan is to use me but I’ve gotta be fluid, flexible and focused on His goal….to Love by serving.

 About God?

He acted on our behalf because He loved.

 About Me?

Love must inform my serving or my service is not about love. It’s just about me.

 About the World?

Acts motivated by love never go unnoticed.


Your thoughts?

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