Galatians 6:11-18


Wow…15 days in Galatians and we’re done!  That was fast.  Wonder what’s next?

Paul has used this letter to challenge and prod these people from falling back into following the law.  At times pointing to his own life and at others really blasting them to wake up.  I happen to notice the letter begins with the offer of Grace and ends the same way.

“Grace to you and peace” 
“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers.”

It is hard to give a challenge so well intentioned without becoming angry, disillusioned, disappointed, discouraged, or plain disgusted.  I often find myself in this trap.  While I say “grace” is my intention my emotions go astray. 

Unmerited favor..grace.  Let me be a giver of that.  Let my advice and help be soaked and cloaked in grace.  Hearing only comes by an act of God’s grace.  True for the Galatians, true for me, true for everyone.  Let me rest there…in the assurance that God has got it covered and hearing will come in His time.

About God?

His words are wrapped in His grace.

About me?

Be a giver of grace.

About the World?
Looking for something?  Consider the meaning of grace.


Your thoughts?

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