Next Study coming September 15


I don’t know. Three months seems like a very long time but we have been at this for 7 months now? So maybe going a whole year would be quite the milestone.

It does seem easier to write about stories than letters or travel logs and Genesis is a lot of stories. It is the beginning of God’s Story and there is a lot to be said about having an overview of the beginning of anything.

Will I do it? As of today – seeing how I am feeling like I’m just beginning to crawl out from under the bus….okay, as of today I’ll commit to reading IF:EQUIP daily, journaling if my schedule allows.  Posting here?….well, let me see how I’m feeling on Sept. 15.

To my blog followers – all 4 of you 🙂

Don’t let my low energy keep you from reading along with IF:EQUIP.  The concept and delivery are inspired and God is using this in a big way.  You really don’t want to be out of the loop on something this good.  Even if the time is not wide open for me it might be just God’s timing for someone else…maybe you. Let me know your plans…maybe that’s the only encouragement I’ll need to join you.  🙂


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