Genesis 12:10-20


Abram fears for his life as he feels the need to take his family to Egypt because of the famine.  He was afraid because he had a beautiful wife and thought he would be killed in order for someone to take her.

Fear and self preservation can lead to some pretty lame logic. Abram, this guy of faith, was not recorded for this blooper…his faith was applauded because he left home and went where God was going to show him.  What happened in the midst of his faith victory was a faith failure. (Welcome to my world.)

God must have been standing back and scratching his head.

But this is the all too common and likely way of humans – no matter how spiritual.    In the moment of decision we have some idea how to proceed and the plan sounds so good to us and we feel so clever and we may like that little adrenaline rush of power.  There are about 37 times Abram could have taken a moment to include God but instead He walked off the cliff.

God, however, uses this blooper to demonstrate that He is the One big God of power.  Something the Egyptians would encounter a few times.

About God?
Patient even in our failure to trust Him, God’s power is focused on our rescue not our punishment.

About Me?
When God is leading in big ways, the little choices can seem like something I can handle – beeeeep!  Thank you for playing.

About the World?
Pharaoh could put cause and effect together.  Pretty smart guy.


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