Genesis 13:1-18


So Abram, after having taken a side trip to Egypt, comes back to the very place on his journey where he had left.  I think that is a God grace thing, when He brings us back to begin a place where we have not lost ground or have to retrace our steps.  Just come back to the place where you last worshipped me and sought me and we’ll go again.  Mercy.

Now Abram again calls on the name of the Lord – something he had sadly forgotten when he was about to enter Egypt. (On a side note- why would he think entering the “world’s camp” would be the best place to use your own wisdom instead of God’s? Am I so atuned to the world that my thinking seems best? Yikes!)

Right after worship Abram seems rightly aligned with the Lord.  He wants to live in peace.  He is confident in God’s care and therefore, he does not act in greed or self-protection when he offers for Lot to chose his own way. This kind of problem solving makes true wisdom so visable.  It sees beyond the tension and looks to what would be the desired Godly outcome and trusts God to superintend it all.

Lot chooses what looks to natural eyes “the good stuff”.  Of course later we know he really got the hidden disaster.  There’s definitely a lesson here.

After Abram is rightly related to God again, Lot leaves, and God reviews His original promise to Abram:  The land is before you, where your many descendents will live.

God tells Abram to walk on – and so he moves to Mamre oaks at Hebron – and builds an altar there.

I love the practice of altar building.  I don’t know if Abram burnt offerings or just looked at it, but when a God-follower builds an altar it seems to be a place of remembrance – “God has spoken to me; God has brought me to this place; God is in this.”

About God?
His wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. James 1:17

About Me?
God reveals my way, one step at a time.  Less I forget, it would be good for me to “build altars” along the way to remind me I can, and should, continue to trust Him. Plus I’ll be able to retrace my steps and if I’m off track, there will be a place to come back and start again.

About the World?
There are two ways of seeing – natural eyes and spiritual eyes – Eve liked the looks of the “apple”; Lot liked the looks of the land. And the rest is history!


Your thoughts?

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