Genesis 14:1-16


On the fly, here is the most impressive thing.  All these kings and their respective cities and armies are coming to battle for their freedom from some other powerful kings.  With their alliances, one big group defeats another, taking everything they have as spoil.  These are huge battles and across huge amounts of land – from here to there.

So Abram hears Lot has been taken.  He wastes no time taking his own men and a few neighbors, mounting his horse and going after them.  He hunts them down, takes all the stuff back, including Lot and his stuff and everyone goes home.  No army, no planning for warfare, a very little stradegy – Abram wins.

Now if that doesn’t say something about being “God’s people” verses the plans of the world…well, I’m just saying.

About God?

I’m beginning to wonder just how many times God actually did demonstrate His intentions to rescue His people until Jesus finanlly came? It’s His reoccurring theme!

About Me?

Living in peace is the preferred option, but when its time to act, I want to be on God’s team.

About the world?

The world has it’s ways.  Their actions look powerful, they make inroads – but when God determines to act…game over.


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