Genesis 32:22-32


Jacob is scared and making manuevers that will protect his family from the wrath of Esau who is heading his way. Alone and in the dark, he finds himself wrestling with God – or God’s angel. Frankly I’m not sure the distinction is important. In fear, in the dark and alone, waiting for the other shoe to drop – we line up to struggle with God on some level.

The match can go one of two ways – we give up or we persevere.

Giving up can show up in a myraid of ways. Generally it just says we refuse to fight. Denial, avoidance, destraction, postponement to do some “good” deed, drinking too much, …whatever it takes to do anything, but what is before us to be dealt with.

We are runners because we don’t think it can end well – well, at least not well for us. If we are His, I’m afraid, we are just postponing the inevitable. But have it your way.

Or we can wrestle – as long as it takes to gain our blessing.

The blessing will no doubt change us. It will show us who we are – our nature – our essence. Though maybe painful, our conniving will take a blow. In it’s place a renewed faith, a settled heart, a spark of hope, mercy…the possibilites are endless.

About God?
God wants to reveal to us our true selves.

About Me?
Make me hear joy and gladness; let the bones which You have broken rejoice. Ps 51

About the World?
Don’t be afaid to wrestle with God.


3 thoughts on “Genesis 32:22-32

  1. Well good thinking. Now what
    Just carry on? I will know when I see you limping I keep flowing u
    Ready for some fun fun fun🌈


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