Genesis 38


Here is the story in which Tamar gets the bad rap even though Judah calls her more righteous than himself.

My thoughts on Tamar:

First, Judah was obligated to provide her with a “husband’s duties”, either through his own sons or a kinsman.  We are unclear how far this goes since this happens before the actual writing of the Law of Moses, but the custom is clearly in force here. 

Secondly, Tamar waited all this time, giving Judah the benefit of the doubt.  Now she sees the youngest son is grown but Judah has not fulfilled his obligation to her.

Third, Tamar’s recourse, if she had been under the Law of Moses, would have been to publicly disgrace Judah in front of the elders of the city.  Instead, she put herself in a place to possibly be misunderstood.

Fourth, Tamar waited until Judah’s wife had died.  She had no way of knowing how her cause would be settled but if it should lead to Judah himself fullfilling the obligation then she had honored her mother-in-law in the process.

Fifth, Tamar sat along the road with her face covered.  She did not wave Judah down or confront him in the open.  He came to her with his own proposition.  He was open to the idea of a prostitute more than the idea of his own family duties.

Sixth, Tamar excepted his offer.  Not to prostitute herself but humbly even to fullfill the customs and linage of her husband.

Seventh, Tamar may have asked for the pledge to authenticate her potential child’s lineage. She had no way of knowing if she would get pregnant but this would be proof of the father.

Lastly, Judah, having been confronted with his own sin, confessed Tamar to be more righteous than himself because he had not given her his son.  The very thing Tamar was seeking to complish is exactly what Judah recognizes as his own shortcoming. 

God choses Tamar and Judah to be in the lineage of the Christ.  Matthew specifically remembers Tamar – maybe it was for standing up and taking her appointed place. She did kinda rescue Judah.

About God?
God is a respecter of both courage and repentance.

About Me?
There are sins of action and sins of inaction.  Lord forgive me for both.

About the World?

Here’s what is cool about God…you never know how He is going to work things out.


One thought on “Genesis 38

  1. Wow that was in depth on her
    Good thing I am in your circle
    Cause I would miss SO much
    Thanks for sharing your great
    Mind. Redemption He has us covered
    Thank you Lord🌈


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