Genesis 47:26-31

Day 80

So Joseph made it a statute concerning the land of Egypt, and it stands to this day, that Pharaoh hould have the fifth…

Pretty bold of the Bible, a book thousands of years old to make such a statement, “it stands to this day”..  I guess it could be seen as still in effect at the time Moses wrote Genesis..which probably wasn’t that far from when it actully became law.  But it made me curious so I Googled it…  This article is from 2013 and the Government of Egypt is still in the grain business big time.  It subsidizes farmers and distributes practically free bread to the country.  Of course some things have changed but as recently as the 90’s the idea that the government would stop –  caused riots in the streets.

Even the World Grain website tells the story of the Bible as to how this came about.

About God?
God has appointed for everything a season – a time to live and a time to die – and it is important to honor both times well.

About Me?
In my dying, may the promises I extract bring comfort and peace to those left behind.  I’m going to be just fine! That’s why they call it “going home.”

About the World?
Is this world your home or are you just passing through?


Your thoughts?

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