Day 1 Joshua- Numbers 13

God is the giver of plans to anyone who wants to listen.  This was true of Nehemiah out of my children’s church lesson yesterday and now God delivers His plan to Moses.

You know God could have just cleared the land He had chosen and set the Israelites down there – no fus no mus but He didn’t. In Brene’s terms, he did not over-function! This was to be their land and they needed to take it and own it but in partnership with God. 

They were to be faced with hard work. On this very first step the crux of the matter comes right to the front – this seems impossible on their own. Thinking about only what you can do – all by yourself – is our default but add the facts and it was a no brainer – not gonna happen.

This was no small investigation.  The spies spent 40 days gathering information and bringing back samples.  They traveled all over the land – hills and valleys and coastline; named all the resources and people groups and analyzed the data.  Based on the research, well, they couldn’t do it.  Couldn’t do it even if one guy, Caleb, just blurts out “Let’s go for it!”

Why, exactly, was Caleb so confident?  Maybe because Moses had conveyed this tiny bit of information to the spy team at the onset.  Maybe and likely because in choosing them based on God’s orders – “according to the command of the Lord”, he told them what God had told him.  This is what Caleb remembered that the others forgot: “Send men to spy out the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the people of Israel.”

I also have to say, this was not their first rodeo.  They had recently been delivered from Pharoah.  God had done most of the work and used Moses – plagues and such. And then that very dramatic, life or death escape when the Red Sea opens for them to cross.  Hard to think they had forgotten that part.

But too, lets realize, God was now asking something of them – not just Moses – and they had not actually made the connection that this God wanted to partner with and lead them.

Let this be a lesson about passing down one’s faith. You can tell and you can show how God has been faithful to you and you should.  You should shout it from the rooftops.  But for that faith to belong to someone else, they need their own challenge to believe God.

About God?

God’s plans call us first to believe and then to action.

About Me?
1.  Get the plan from God.
2.  Trust Him and believe.
3.  Own the plan and get to work.

About the World?
I can tell you about the faithfulness of my God, but you’ll have to take the challenge for yourself.


Your thoughts?

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