Day 2 Joshua- Numbers 14

There are so many things to “unpack” in this chapter. (“Unpack” is the new fancy term for looking at things more closely, I think.)

You’ve got grumbling and complaining. You’ve got Godly friends sincerely pleading for people to trust God.  You’ve got compassionate intercessation.  You’ve got consequences.  You’ve got “I can do this myself, thanks.” You’ve got God’s steadfast love and forgiveness.

I have been everyone of these – the grumbler, the one being encouraged, the object of intercesstion, the go it alone-er and the loved and forgiven. And I’ve looped through these like 40 laps in the desert.

Lord, every day and in every situation, help me to trust You.

About God?
God offers a land of promise to anyone who will believe.

About Me?
It would not be my natural reaction to intercede on behalf of someone who totally missed the point and blew me and God off.  I’ve got a lot to learn from Moses.

About the World?
Even in our broken world, God continues to call us to follow Him.


Your thoughts?

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