Day 8 Joshua- Joshua 3

“Consecrate your selves” are the words for the day…actually for the next several weeks and maybe more.

I love what CLB wrote in her comments about the meaning of “consecrate” and how it preceded “the Lord doing wonders among you”. 

“In the Bible the word consecration means ‘the separation of oneself from things that are unclean, especially anything that would contaminate one’s relationship with a perfect God.'”  (CLB’s reference from

Why “consecrate”? Maybe because in our Bible study group we are reading about repentance and sin and unbelief.  And maybe because all week I have been wrestling with the author’s concepts and metaphors and trying to make a picture in my own head.  Maybe because I just don’t want to take someone else’s word for it if it doesn’t resonate with me. Maybe because if this is right and true then I want to know how to make it work in my yard – I want to know the bits, the whys and the how to’s.

So “consecrate yourselves” was the missing link for me.  It’s a no brainer that I want to see the Lord doing wonders.  The first “wonder”, selfishly maybe, but I’d like it to be in my own life.  I want to understand and change and grow up and do better.  I want to be whatever and all He intended for as much as I can in this world.

So, I’m taking on CLB’s prayer, daily until March 11. (That’s when the Bible study ends.)  It’s a practice I trust because the Holy Spirit highlighted the words right on the IF:Equip screen and said, “Hey, do this.”

CLB’s prayer:
Almighty, most powerful Lord, than you for doing amazing things in my life and in the lives others around me! I desire to experience even more of your wonders! I desire to be consecrated, cleansed, made Holy, and pure. Lord, would you reveal to me what areas of my life contaminate my relationship with you?

Thank you for your revelation, Lord.  I now see that I have been ___________.  Thank you for revealing this to me. I confess MY sin, and accept YOUR forgiveness and YOUR power to be free from the sin that has entangled me.  Lord, my eyes have been opened. I am ready to see your wonders!  Amen

About God?
Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth.  Ps 119:151

About Me?
Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Ps 51:10

About the World?
Seen any “wonders” lately?


Your thoughts?

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