Day 12 Joshua- Joshua 6:15-20

“And the walls came tumblin’ down” as the song goes.  It’s a pinnacle moment; God has delivered on His great and unbelievable promise and the soldiers just walk straight ahead,  through the rubble, and take the city. Glory and Hallelujah!

GOD: “But…”

ME:   “Hey wait, no buts!  I want to bask in Your victory, write letters home, maybe even be on the news…we did it!  We really did it!  Actually I’m amazed at my own obedience to keep my mouth shut đŸ™‚ until the exactly right moment.  Wow!”

GOD: “But…”

ME: “Come on.  This was sweet.  Does there have to be a warning? Really?  I mean, we’re tight now God. And You are so BIG and I have on the jersey and we’re “in”!”

GOD: “But you…I want to tell you something.  There is danger in the rubble.”

ME: “Huh?, What?”

GOD: “There’s danger in the rubble. Sort it carefully…prayerfully. Be careful not to take any souveniers out of the things intended for destruction.  I know the pieces are tiny and look so innocent but they are contaminated…radio active.  Walk right past them and focus on gathering the gold for My glory.” 

ME: “Got it Lord!  Keep my eyes on the prize. This is a battle zone.  Be alert.  Thanks for watching out for me!”

About God?

He is ever watchful in protecting His own.

About Me?
“Eyes on the Commander, eyes on the Commander…this is a war zone.”

About the World?

Be strong- not in yourselves but in the Lord, in the power of his boundless resource. For our fight is not against any physical enemy… (Phillips, Eph 6:12)


Your thoughts?

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