Day 13 Joshua- Joshua 6:21-25

In someone’s post from late yesterday they mentioned what the scene might have been after the walls fell and the dust settled.  There would have still been this little section of the wall left – a safe haven for Rahab and all her family.  Joshua sends in the two young men who had made their promise, to go and get her out.

I can’t even think of being in there and waiting for the rescue that you hoped would come.

After they were safely out, the city was burned with fire.  There is something about this burning that tells me there is a time and place to burn old and dangerous things.  The rubble was afterall dangerous, and it had to go for the rescue to be complete…for the victory to be finished.

But Rahab…and that is the joy of this story.  The people who believed are remembered and “she lived in Israel to this day.”  When the Scripture says stuff like that it reminds me of lines like “happily ever after.”  Of course that is exactly what I think God is telling me here… Once rescued, always rescued.

About God?

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish…” John 10

About Me?

Any tearing down of strongholds has a clean up phase…be careful to stay with it until the work is complete.

About the World?
Walls are a fragile sanctury but there is eternal security in the Scarlet Thread.


Your thoughts?

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