Day 14 Joshua- Joshua 23 & 24:1-25

“A long time afterward, when the Lord had given rest to Israel…” Joshua as the leader of the nation calls them together so as to give them his last charge. It is a call to remember what God has done and to choose to serve Him because of it.

There are two things that I notice here.  First, the nation is at rest.  For the moment they are not fighting or doing battle or on the proverbial front lines.  Every moment doesn’t seem like a life or death situation. There is no army breathing down their necks; they are not standing in front of a raging sea and deciding how they will escape; their adrenaline is not pumping.  They are instead sitting back – relieved, relaxed, eating grapes and enjoying life.

Don’t forget, while you are at rest, the battle for your alliegence is still being waged.
Don’t forget who has brought you to this place.

The second thing is CHOOSE – choose again.  Choose, solemnly before the LORD. Choose because that is how this works. You choose God who loves you and will carry you through – all the way through; or you choose the things that make you forget; numb your senses and sensibilities; make you fat and comfortable and lazy and complacent – because at a time of rest – YOU, my friend  are an easy target.

“Now therefore fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness.”

Chosing is not a flippant activity. God is Holy and I am dust.  And though He loves me with an immeasurable love, He is not mocked. So fear Him when you make this choice.  When God is properly feared then I understand the sincerity and faithfulness required in order to serve Him.

About God?
God is holy – incomparable in majesty- worthy of awe and reverence.

About Me?
I have been offered the highest priviledge…to choose this day who I will serve. I choose the Lord.

About the World?
“You’re gonna have to serve somebody.”  Bob Dylan


Your thoughts?

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