Day 2 – Hebrews 1

“in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son”

The God of the universe has spoken to the world in various ways at various times.  I am told that all creation speaks of His existence so that I am without excuse.  But at a certain point in His plan, “in these last days”, the Word to us is Jesus!

There were laws and there were prophets to draw the outline, to give us some idea but when the time was winding down and heading toward completion those things were insufficient.  God colored in the picture of His very self when Jesus came.  Jesus, not a substitute for God, but the very essense of God, in fact God in the flesh.

In Hebrews, (I can’t help but chuckle about who makes the coffee) the writer carefully explains that Jesus is NOT a created being like an angel. He goes on to tell us the difference in no uncertain terms.  Jesus is God verses something God has made/created.  And as such “in these last days” – my days on this earth – He is the the ultimate model to see what the Most Holy Godhead wants me to follow.

It’s so simple (yeah, right) – see Jesus, do Jesus.  What would Jesus do? How would Jesus love? What would Jesus say? Where does Jesus go? Where does Jesus (who is God) get his ideas, His power, His motivation?

Pick up your cross DAILY and follow Me.  Minute by minute, my heart must say, “lead on.  Lead on brother, lead on.”

About God?
Jesus – heir of all things; creator of the world; the radiance of the glory of God; the exact imporint of God’s nature, upholds the universe by His power; purifier of our sins; seated at the right hand of Majesty; name above all names.

About Me?
God you have spoken to me in many ways in the past but the Word for these last days is Jesus.  See Jesus – Do Jesus.

About the World?
Love the Creator; Enjoy the creation.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Hebrews 1

  1. It’s not hard to believe . What’s hard
    Is living IF God is real how do I walk
    That out every day. Is this the Spirit
    Or the flesh. My choice to make🌈

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  2. About God? Jesus IS God. He is who he is for all of eternity.

    About Me? Attempt to be like Jesus in spirit, purity, etc., but never think you can compare.

    About the World? God is the creator. He is eternal, but the world is not. This is all temporary.


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