Day 5 Hebrews 3:7-19

“they were unable to enter because of unbelief”

This week I’ve had occasion to listen/read some snippets of powerful teaching (Christine Cane; Jenny Allen; Sarah Bessey, Jen Hatmaker) and to research some worship songs I heard at the IF:Gathering weekend.

I have really missed worship music more than I knew. It has seeped pretty much out of my life because I listen to books in the car, I never turn on the radio at home and I’ve been out of our church worship services pretty much for almost 9 months leading children’s church.  Heaven knows I haven’t picked up my guitar in ages. So, when we sang at IF:G I heard some new stuff and my heart was stirred.  You might even say, it got softer…tender.

The music led me to worship.

Worship takes me into God’s presence.  I’ve been thinking for a while about the verse, “Do everything as unto the Lord” (Col. 3:23; Eph. 6:7; 1 Cor. 10:31). What a difference it makes to see whatever I am doing (we all know I am a human doing by nature) as being done for His glory and His approval.  It’s like bringing Him in on the conference call.

I’m not one to often stop and pray…”Lord what will you have me do today? Or Lord, should I do this or that?”  Maybe that’s how you’re supposed to do it but it’s a desperate and rare occasion for me.  I start with doing…doing what’s in front of me and then taking on more doing.  But what is “rest to my soul” is seeing it as unto Him. It’s funny. When I can’t visualize Him cheering me on – that’s a kind of “inside my brain acknowledgment of His being there” – that’s how I know to let something go or change my attitude.

Oh, I was talking about worship.  Well, I knew today’s reading was quoting from somewhere else in the Bible, so I looked it up.  That would be Psalm 95.  It’s an odd Psalm really – like it is two parts that don’t go together.  Verses 1-7 1/2 are about worship and then 7b to the end (v11) are about obedience and unbelief.  But… maybe they do go together…

Come let us worship [bow down] and bow down [bend the knee].

Let us kneel before the Lord who made us,

because He is our God

and we are the people he takes care of and the sheep that he tends.

Today listen to what he says…

Psalm 95:6-7

So what’s the point? Worship, in whatever form – the yielding of my voice and lifting of my hands – the bowing down and remembering who He is and who I am – that massages my heart and kneads it into softness. When my heart is soft I will listen better. My defenses are down – I stop contending and testing and I lean in to believe and obey His voice. I find rest.

About God?
“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor” Rev. 4:11

About Me?
Lord, give me a heart to worship, believe, obey and rest.

About the World?
Oh that you would hear His voice!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 Hebrews 3:7-19

  1. About God? Disobedience and unbelief by those to whom he has painstakingly revealed himself angers God. You hear the phrase “righteous anger.” In this case, he has the right to be angry.

    About the World? It is our job to encourage each other so that ours hearts do not become hard and we do not turn away from God. It, however, is not a 9-5 Monday through Friday job. Encourage each other daily!

    About Me? Am I doing my job? Am I encouraging others daily? From whom do I find encouragement? (The writer of this blog has encouraged me for three days in a row to take a few minutes at work to read and reflect.)


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