Day 13 Hebrews 9:15-24

“…so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him.”

Personally, I am very comfortable with the understanding that Christ has fulfilled the Old by ushering in the New Covenant.  He became the blood sacrifice for the sins of mankind and that work is finished.  Of course, geometrically speaking, salvation is a point and sanctification is a line extending from that point. I am somewhere on that line, moving toward being formed into the image of Christ.  By my calculations, I’ve got quite a ways to go.

But when he does come – for the second time – salvation will be complete for those of us who are eagerly waiting for Him. The point and the line will merge into one present moment and will live on into eternity.  I really can’t get my head around it…but then thankfully, I don’t have to fully understand it.

But here’s my thought for today: While I am moving along that sanctification line I think I’m supposed to be eagerly waiting.  Eager – a strong and impatient desire. I think of eager as a longing…like how the creation is longing for redemption.  It’s strangely not the feeling of wanting to jerk Jesus out of heaven right this minute – though there are days. No, it’s more a longing to be made whole but not at the expense of those who have not found the “point”.

About God?
At just the right time, God sent Jesus and at just the right time He will send Jesus again. His plan is right on schedule.

About Me?
Lord, kindle in me flames of eagerness and compassion.

About the World?
I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life. John 8:12


2 thoughts on “Day 13 Hebrews 9:15-24

  1. I love hearing how Christ connects all the dots since the creation of the world in order to bring about salvation. What an amazing plan and exact execution. i should expect nothing less from a perfect and all powerful God. However, it does not mean I can’t be in awe of it and be thankful for it each time I am reminded. Also, can I say that I consider myself lucky to be born after Christ? I am not sorry to have missed all those blood sacrifices and the Law.

    About God? His plan is BIG. It spans generation upon generation upon generation. And his plan is perfect.

    About the World? Christ “appeared once for all at the end of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.” His sacrifice and the resulting salvation is available to all. We have all sinned. There is no big vs. little sin – just sin. May the world see him and accept his gift. Also, may I keep my internal “mouth” shut when it comes to judging others. I am not one who should be throwing stones.

    About Me? Jesus’ one time sacrifice gave me salvation. It is a beautiful thing, but no part of the Bible should be read without the context of the remainder. I am saved, period. However, I am human so I cannot live complacently with that knowledge. I need to remember to deny myself DAILY, take up my cross DAILY, and follow him DAILY. Complacency leads to lukewarm and we all no where that leads.


    • Here’s an interesting way to look at the whole idea of Covenants. My friend Bobbie found this YouTube group called The Bible Project. In fact, I am totally getting into the one they do about Heaven and Earth – it’s fascinating!


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