Day 17 Hebrews 11:17-40

I don’t think I’m crazy. Yesterday’s reading was all of chapter 11 instead of just 1-16 and of course my comments were on the end of the chapter that was not even supposed to be included. Now – and this is how my brain works – I should rightly discard yesterday’s comments or move them to today or start over or at least do something to acknowledge “it wasn’t my fault. I tried to do it right. It was a mistake. I was misled.”

Wow! That is a serious amount of CYA for something that no one in the entire planet cares about. It reminds me of when I was about 10. My mother gave me some hand me down pumps with jewels on the toe. She wanted me to wear them to some event, probably because they were the only dressy shoes I had available — but I was mortified! They were definitely not my style and I was embarrassed at what people would think of me. I will never forget my mother’s words. “No one is looking at you.” What? What a shocker to the 10 year old who thought they were indeed the center of the universe.

I think I won the argument and never put those ugly princess shoes to the test. But, here I am today, still worried someone might think I screwed up. My perfectionism runs deep. (I’ll just print this out and take it to a future counseling session…it will save us all time.)

“By faith…”

By faith, Beverley believes that what she wrote yesterday was for yesterday. By faith, she will embrace today in freedom; denouncing perfectionism for the false and deceptive god that it is.

By faith, today I will find my value and identity in who God says I am and who I will become through Him.

By faith, if the whole world is looking, let them see a person who needed a Savior and found Him.

About God?
He’s the real deal.

About Me?
A work in progress.

About the World?
Trying to hold it all together by yourself? Good luck with that.


3 thoughts on “Day 17 Hebrews 11:17-40

  1. Well I thought it was the same
    As yesterday. So I went oh well
    Carry on its just you. Or maybe
    I had a good memories of the word
    Any way here we are by faith. That’s


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