Day 5 Easter Mark 14:43-52

I think this is a little weird.  For these last 7-8 weeks I’ve been dragged into looking at the concept and practice of repentance and what I’ve experienced – well, not at first, but the lingering effect – has been peace.  Here it is again in today’s reading.

All hell has broken loose. Jesus is surrounded by an armed crowd.  For one second some do-gooder thinks swinging a sword will help. Now there is a bloody body part on the ground. It must be loud and scary.  Tough guys grab Jesus.  He speaks to the ridiculousness of their methods. His friends will soon desert him and yet – But let the Scriptures be fulfilled.” Peace.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” This is what this passage says to me about God. As a recovering perfectionist, I wrangle with the right way – kisses should not be used for betrayals, confrontations with swords should be met with bleeding ears, Jesus’ logical question should instantly change everyone’s mind. And we should fight to make all things look like God intended! God is supposed to win and it is supposed to look like…well, my definition of the right way.

Oh me, of tunnel vision, arrogant knowing and little faith.

Praise Jesus He has His own definitions, His own ways, His own plan.


4 thoughts on “Day 5 Easter Mark 14:43-52

  1. Miss me? 🙂

    There are some advantages to omniscience. Betrayal is not easy to stomach. But, when you know it is coming and you know that the end result is good, then, perhaps, it becomes a bit more palatable. The emotions that usually follow betrayal are sadness and/or anger. Jesus companions clearly felt the latter as evidenced by the cutting off of the high priest’s servants ear. Those coming to arrest Jesus must also have anticipated the latter as they came to arrest Jesus with a weapon wielding crowd. The funny thing is, there is another “omni” about Jesus that no one there recognized. Jesus is omnipotent. The all-powerful God does not need a sword wielding companion to come to his defense. A weapon wielding crowd would be of no help had Jesus chose to assert his omnipotence and resist arrest.Yet, Jesus went with them willingly.

    Jesus knew how this story would end. He saw past the angry, armed crowd. Instead, he saw how his death would bring salvation to the world. But, he did not stop there. He saw and still sees the perfect plan of God. His death and subsequent resurrection are only the beginning. He saw the pain that would continue to plague this world, in spite of his sacrifice, because of sin. He also saw the final victory. Satan will be defeated. Our God wins. We will have an eternity in his presence.

    Unlike Jesus’s companions, we too are lucky enough to know how the story ends. However, unlike Jesus, we do not know the little things that will happen to us and this world in the interim. So, when faced with struggles, betrayal, and pain, we must hold onto the hope we have in knowing this ends in victory. We must also hold on to the hope we have in the midst of our circumstances by knowing there is an all-knowing and all-powerful God who is on our side. Were you worried I would not address the last “omni” of God? Don’t worry. It ties in quite nicely here. His is omnipresent. He is everywhere, which means he is literally by your side no matter where you are or what you may be facing.

    Romans 5:3-4 “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

    About God? He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

    About the World? The state of the world, as we know it, is temporary.

    About Me? I am chosen and loved by an “omni” God. Whom, or what, shall I fear?


  2. I haven’t been doing well at finding time. Today is a slow Monday for me, which is unusual, so I am taking advantage of it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll comment on today’s as well.


    • I have missed you. I guess you’ve been saving up a few things to say. Love it! And thanks.
      This does take time. I know. I’m grateful for this freedom right now. It fits with my schedules mostly. So whenever you can write here you’re welcomed. If you can’t write then ponder the verses…


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