Day 15 Easter Reflection

Before I even opened IF:Equip for today I decided to watch Kara Tibbetts’ funeral video.  I missed it when it was streamed live and I’ve been waiting for the email that said it had been posted online. Kindness and Grace were the mantras of her life.

The pastor clearly stated that death was not God’s original intent.  It is a byproduct of the fall.  When he told the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead he observed that death actually made Jesus angry.

It’s easy to buy the Lion King’s pitch that death is just part of the “circle of life”.  It is a subtle way of cushioning ourselves from its ugliness because it’s hard to linger there.

Jesus, on the other hand, sat down in the dark with death for 3 days. Surely, being God, he did not have to wait…but he did. He let death take its best shot and then with fury in his fists, HE CRUSHED IT!

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming!


Your thoughts?

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