Day 6 – 1 Peter 3:1-7

…see your respectful and pure conduct…do good and do not fear anything that is frightening…

Peter has been assuring those who believe of their identity in Christ and that position is their weapon for dealing with the suffering they are sure to encounter.  He has addressed areas for potential struggle starting at the broadest relationship to the closest. (Gentile, government, masters, marriage, all believers)  The challenge remains: do good, you may suffer for it, do not fear, knowing Christ also suffered that he might bring us to God.)

Conduct here is anastrophe from two words: aná– “down to up” and stréphō– “turn” – so properly “up-turning”.  Figuratively it describes a change of outward behavior from an “up-turn” of inner beliefs. For me, this says my outward manner of life reflects my changed inner beliefs.  Basically what I believe about my relationship with Jesus – these things will direct how I live outwardly.

Interestingly the words translated here as “respectful and pure” actually mean “holy fear”. This stands in contrast to “do not fear anything that is frightening.”  Holy fear speaks to me of reverent awe toward the only person worthy – God.   If my fear is directed at God, it will not be distracted by frightening things.

In all the relationships mentioned:  do good and do not fear because the One you believe, has gone before you, and you are His.


Your thoughts?

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