Day 14 Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 7:1-6

Judging – always a fun subject.

Judge – krinō (Strong’s 2919) meant originally to “separate”.  Like separating the grain from the chaff it means “to distinguish, to pick out, to be of opinion, to judge.”

Here’s the thing.  Do not judge other people for the purpose of criticizing their life choices or their actions and certainly not their relationship with God.  Seriously, you want to put your “impeccable discernment” out there?  You get the same measuring stick you have used right back at ya!  Not advisable.

Can I help my brother see his issues? Maybe.

But only if you have dealt with your own issues first.  So you can judge yourself.  Since I have a 2×4 in my eye it’s likely to take a lot longer to dislodge than that splinter I have noticed about my friend.  In fact, if the friend hasn’t noticed the splinter themselves, there’s a chance it will soon hurt (I mean, if it was really there in the first place) and they will take care of it with the help of the Holy Spirit alone.  Best choice is to wait to be asked to administer First Aid.  Meanwhile physician heal thyself is a good rule of thumb.

Judging in terms of criticizing is off limits but judging in determining where and when to talk about holy things is wise.  We are not talking about people here, as in these dog/swine people are not worthy to hear about holy things.  We are talking about more like there is a time and place for everything.

When the forum and the attitude is not open – don’t.  When an individual person is unreceptive – wait.  When the arena is inappropriate – it may never, ever, be the right place.  (I am coming to believe that trying to make laws that expect non-believers to live up to something that believers can only do by the grace of God and the empowering of the Holy Spirit…well, just might be the wrong venue.)  When we toss holy things around without discernment we ourselves are not honoring what is sacred.  Kinda comes back to judging one’s self, doesn’t it?

To judge or not to judge, that is indeed the question.  Humility in all things might be the beginning of the answer.


Your thoughts?

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