Day 15 Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 7:7-11


I’m pretty much the world’s worst about asking.  I think it’s my propensity for pride and DYI and being in control.  I can, in fact, handle and manage pretty well – by the world’s standards.  Unfortunately it’s not the world’s standards I’d like to achieve.

Here’s what I’m learning about asking from my Father in heaven.

I have only a vague idea where I want to end up when I decide to pray.  Sometimes that uncertainty keeps me from jumping right in.

So ASK is a tool that gets me off Go.

  1. Ask – just spit it out. What’s on your mind?
  2. Seek – as I try to tell God what I’m thinking, the Holy Spirit guides me.
  3. Knock – We arrive together at the right door.

All this seems kind of simplistic but the truth is, I am changed by just engaging in this mystery – I have somehow walked side by side with God!


Your thoughts?

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