I really appreciate the link listed on IFEQUIP today from ONE OF THE KIMS.  (see below).  Having researched this word in the past – credit to Precept studies – I knew it mean “strength under control.”  I’m sure the context was in understanding what Jesus meant when he used this to identify himself in many passages.

These are the thoughts that have encouraged me today.

In the Old Testament meekness referred to one who endured undesirable circumstances – externally vulnerable and weak but inwardly resilient and strong. “Meekness does not identify the weak but more precisely the strong who have been placed in a position of weakness where they persevere without giving up. The use of the Greek word when applied to animals makes this clear, for it means “tame” when applied to wild animals.”

♦ How do I choose to respond in the hard places of life? Will I use my inner resilience to persevere or take up my outer strength to fight?

God, the Father cannot be identified with a definition of submission “nevertheless, in the incarnation Jesus is freely described as meek, a concomitant of his submission to suffering and to the will of the Father ( Matt 11:29 ; 21:5 ; 2 Cor. 10:1 ).”

♦ This depicts Jesus in his humanity. I am always amazed when I realize how he modeled exactly what it looks like to live in right connection with the Father. It could certainly not be said that Jesus was without strength.  So many times he demonstrated that strength under control – yielded to the Father’s will in every circumstance. I have no further to go than to consider my actions in light of His example in all things.

“”Meekness” in the New Testament (praotes, prautes) is not merely a natural virtue, but a Christian “grace”; it is one of the “fruits of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:23).”

♦ Lastly I think understanding meekness to be a fruit of the Spirit gives a more complete picture of the concept. You can’t leave out this piece. Acting “meek” is not simply an act of my own will and flesh. To think of it that way is to conjure up something I can do in my own strength that pleases God. There is nothing that meets that standard apart from the Holy Spirit’s work in me. Let me be careful to remember this point if I were ever asked to define Biblical meekness.



Your thoughts?

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