First I have to say I just did not have time to do this yesterday.  I don’t like missing

Of course not writing doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about this study and what I am learning.  In fact I “preached” a little about this passage regarding Moses last night.  The whole week on MEEKNESS has played out bigger than life on the TV, Social media and life in general.  Sadly, most of the examples have been how NOT to be meek.

I’ve heard “everything serves a purpose, even if it is just being a bad example” so I want to learn from even them.

Moses acted in meekness by not defending himself, not correcting his siblings and it is not even recorded that he complained to God.  He just let their comments go.  God, on the other hand, did not.

When God intervened His clarification was about Miriam and Aaron decision to question Moses’ special position of leadership.  Pretty much, “How dare you think you are like the guy I have chosen?”  Clearly this distinction was important to God – maybe because Moses was God’s ordained mouthpiece for this time in history.

The bad example?  Miriam and Aaron.  I can only conclude they were jealous of Moses.  Was it his lofty position before the people, which they wanted?  Whatever, it caused them seek something to attack.  They were looking for some defect that, if they could not be raised up, it would at least bring Moses down to their level.

“Let’s just point out he married a Cushite woman.”  Were they implying there was a rule Moses has broken? Well, if there was (I personally don’t think so) God did not chose to address it.  God saw beyond the accusation and saw their motive.  (I want to note here, that to be accused of something does not mean you are guilty.  Unfortunately it’s the accusation that people often remember – rather than the outcome.)

In today’s climate I definitely need to check the motives behind my messages.  Self-promotion is a distraction from making God famous.  Shooting someone else in the kneecaps misses the mark of meekness.


Your thoughts?

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