DAY 17 BEATITUDES – ISAIAH 55:1-3; JOHN 7:37-39


Why is hungering and thirsting a blessing? Because it is built in!  Every living thing experiences hunger and thirst – it’s natural and basic to existence.  Anyone can get in touch with this feeling with little effort.  The physical signs of H&T are warnings to our bodies that we need to take some action for our life and well-being or we will cease to exist eventually!  It is a phenomenon designed by a loving Creator.  I dare say, a million years in a primordial soup would have probably not come up with the concept.

We all understand H&T so now add RIGHTEOUSNESS to the mix.

From Isaiah, clearly our H&T can be misdirected.  You can spend time, money and energy on things that just will not fill the bill for obtaining Righteousness.  Good works, lots of service, giving to charities, going to church, etc. etc. are all ways to become exhausted in the pursuit of Righteousness.  FAIL.

The flip side of the Isaiah passage talks a lot about listening : ). Listen diligently to me, Incline your ear, hear….all of these point me to God who is speaking: “Eat, delight, come to me…that your soul may live.”

On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. John 7

I remember from our study of John that this took place very near the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  He had been becoming more and more public about who he was and giving his message.  I remember thinking…”okay, people, I’m leaving soon, so let me just shout this out, right in the open courtyard of the temple:  ‘Come to me.  I’m the real thing.  The only one who can satisfy your thirst!’”


Your thoughts?

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