David’s response to his longing to be with his God is to earnestly seek Him; to consider God’s power and glory; to praise God, to remember His love and faithfulness and to put his trust in God afresh.

Psalm 63 is really the perfect outline for personal worship… a tryst I can have at any moment in time, if I only stop to consider…


Today’s Psalm 63

O God, my God – my heart longs to be with you
When I consider who you are – all powerful and full of glory
I am amazed by your love for me.
It is so wonderful – I can only keep saying how great you are and how grateful I am
My body and mind are so full of joy – I might explode!

I just lay here, thinking about You and all you have done for me
You are always helping me and protecting me and
keeping your arm around my shoulder – holding me close –
I just want to make up a song or paint masterpiece to tell the world about You.
I never want to let you go.

I know there are bad things going on around me;
things I cannot control that might try to do me harm –
But instead of fear I choose to trust you.
I will always rejoice that you are my God and the lover of my soul.

I know, deep within me, that you love me more than I can fathom.
I will trust you forever.


2 thoughts on “DAY 19 BEATITUDES – PSALM 63

  1. That is beautiful lots of time I don’t feel
    Like that. Something to work out think
    On. You should put music to that🎶


  2. When I read the back story on David and then his song, all I can hear is the song It Is Well with My Soul. It’s a go to for me when I am stressed, discouraged, angry, sad, etc. However, the it is well attitude is impossible to sustain when you are not seeking Christ constantly. A song can only bring momentary peace, comfort, and an it is well attitude when not coupled with a heart that is hungering and thirsting for him. David understood that. Now it’s our turn.

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