I’ve just studied Ephesians for the last 6 weeks so this is pretty fresh on my brain.

Ephesians is addressed to those who believe. At this time there were primarily two distinguishable groups of believers – Jews and Gentiles. If we look at it from the angle of Paul, he is indeed trying to stress that once they were divided but now are one in the body of Christ.

They have a lot of differences to overcome. Left to their own ability the walls are too high. Fortunately that’s the point, Jesus has stepped in and he is the one who has broken down the dividing wall of hostility. Jesus has made Peace the new playing field.

Now they need a new point of view:

  • You are all members of the household of God
  • You are all being built together into a dwelling place for God.

So basically, guys, this is not about your differences anymore. It’s about what you have in common and who you share – One Spirit, One Father, One peacemaker – Jesus.

Good reminder for me. Focus on what I have in common with someone else – especially those within the body. Build on that and let the differences slide. Jesus has made a way for there to be peace. It is no longer an impossibility so get with the program.


Your thoughts?

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