Loved today’s video – Jen Hatmaker and Jamie Ivey are my favorite presenters – especially together. Except that they have adopted children, love cooking (or having their husband do the cooking), are involved in one or more real time ministries that are changing the world, are published authors and that they are 20+ years younger than I am…well except for that, we are so alike!

All week I’ve been thinking of peacemaking as something that I initiate – mainly because it seems the whole country right now is dead set on making division the national pastime. In reading this prayer (KJV words aside) this is what struck. Sometimes we are offered peace or reconciliation and we don’t take it.

It is my responsibility to grasp thy overtures of grace, for if thou, the offended part, act first with the word of appeasement,

The very next line: I need not call in question thy willingness to save.

I know this is about God and I have no reason to question Him. But truthfully, I do question peoples’ motives. What are they trying to pull? What will they get from extending this olive branch? And I stand back – maybe way too long – to scrutinize the offer.

I love the words “overtures of grace”. Doesn’t mean anyone has a full blown plan to fix divisions. Doesn’t mean I am signing on for life. Doesn’t mean anyone – including me – is even close to perfect. It’s just an overture toward peace. A glance hoping for recognition might lead to a handshake; a chat over coffee might lead to partnership; knowing someone up close might change me and might change them – both of us for the better. Am I open to any and every “overture of grace” that could lead to peace?

Today and everyday forward Lord, open my eyes, my ears and my heart.
I want to take notice of the small nuances that might open doors to peacemaking.
Every “overture” to peace is bankrupt apart from you
but I am certain you are orchestrating a symphony where I play a part.
Help me to be ready and willing to grasp my notes.


Your thoughts?

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