DAY 12 NEHEMIAH 8:13-18


I love that once exposed to the Word of God, the people had a hunger to hear more. Since everyone could not be taught at once, the heads of fathers’ houses came to learn. And so the people learned, along with the Levites and Scribes from Ezra.

As they learned they brought back what they knew to their families and they sought to practice exactly what they were learning. So, they come across the requirement to celebrate the Feast of Booths in the seventh month. I can only imagine their excitement that this was the seventh month! They could do the very thing God required! They would DO it for the first time since Joshua’s time.

Everyone and his brother – literally joined in. People went looking for tree branches of every kind. They came home and began building their “booths” on their roofs, in the streets and in the courtyards! During all the seven days Ezra continued to read to them from the Book of the Law and the people were happy as little clams. On the eighth day they held a solemn assembly, just as it was described to them from the Word.

As a new believer my hunger for the Word was like this. I could not get enough. If I wasn’t at work I was reading my Good News Bible. Even late into the night after the kids were asleep I would read for hours. I was amazed at all God had done; all He said and all that He promised. I was like a starving person who had just found the best bread in town and it was ALL YOU CAN EAT for FREE.

It was a delirious and easy obedience for me, just as I believe it might have been for these “new” to the practices of personal faith and obedience.


Your thoughts?

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