DAY 15 NEHEMIAH 10:28-39


The revival in Jerusalem has stirred a fire in hearts of the people. God’s requirements for so long have been forsaken. But now, – now that they have heard, their response is to be obedient. They did not just appointed or reinstate some leaders to handle the “worship service” and then go on about their own business – dropping in on the Sabbath to put their coins in the coffer. Instead they owed it. The people took responsibility for how the systems would operate and they divvied up the duties. It’s kind of grassroots.

It’s a good precursor to the New Testament church where every believer belongs to the body. Every believer has gifts to exercise because the body of Christ would be incomplete without them. This should be the framework for how a physical local church functions. Sometimes, without meaning to, the forms we fall in to get wonky. They become obstacles to the ideal. We need, therefore to be diligent about how we build.

There are two parts to not neglecting “the House of Our God” that come to mind.

The first is directed to leaders and planners. You are the framers. You decide where the walls go and where there should be doors and windows. You design the floor plan and how many outlets can be accommodated. Your dreams for community and participation will guide your building. You are also the maintenance workers. You watch for anything that might begin to pile up at a doorway or a window and you removed it. It may be a lovely obstacle but it is an obstacle none the less and people having access is the top priority.

The second is directed to the body. Matt put it so well. “Are you a contributor or a consumer?” You have gifts and they are not really optional. You are vital and we are not whole without you.

One final thought. The church may meet on one day of the week but her impact goes on 24/7. We grow together so we can GO together. Our charge is not only to build up the body – it is to build the Kingdom till Jesus comes.


Your thoughts?

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