I’m writing today from my hotel room during our break at IF:LEAD2015. It has been an incredible time and there is more to come. Tonight: IF:Pray 2015. 500+ women here – 6 countries represented live streamed. Then to be joined by local groups in homes or churches all over – maybe the world. It is a powerful thought.

Prayer – that is where Nehemiah started. He heard news that distressed him and he prayed. I would not be wrong to say that every work of God begins at this place. We (I) need reminding.

Nehemiah was concerned with the disgrace of the ruined walls of Jerusalem. What are my concerns?

  1. Refugees. Kay Warren spoke today about “compassion” – being the arms of Jesus. This is the church’s mission and we are the best equipped organization in the world. We need to stop thinking Jesus is speaking to someone else. Praying for every local church to step up.
  2. Hunger for spiritual maturity. So many of God’s people are stuck on the road to maturity, pulled over in the ditch somewhere thinking that’s all there is. Praying the Spirit of God will woo them on.
  3. Praying to better understand what it looks like to love people well. Praying to listen better. Looking to find out exactly how Jesus did it…then follow after Him.
  4. Praying for the church (local and universal) for unity and love. This is how the world knows about Jesus. #BeTheChurch

Your thoughts?

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