Day 1 – Eve: Genesis 1-4

01 eveWow! There is so much to be found in these four chapters. I tried to focus on Eve but things kept popping up.

Here’s the short version of my take away.

We are God’s image bearers – male and female – and we are obviously precious to Him. God has an enemy and since we are God’s soft spot that makes us a target.  This is further explained down in chapter 4:7 “…sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.” That is what God told Cain – before he blew it. It was the very same situation his parents faced.

Oldest line in the book of temptation: “Did God REALLY say that?” Books have been written and libraries have been filled to give clear instruction about the pitfall of believing the lies. “The truth will set you free”, is what Jesus said. Being right here, today, in His word is giving me the unequivocal source to answer that question! And oh, by the way Serpent, men and women were given DOMINION over all living beasts – get the heck outta my garden!

“Naked and unashamed” was totally flipped as a consequence of sin. Now we know all too keenly our vulnerability, embarrassment and weakness – before God and people. Part of that weakness is trying to work our own cover up. Leaves? Well, they were handy. This will always be a temptation, I’m afraid but you know what God REALLY says? “Jesus has worked this out – go to Him for a new Righteous Robe or for dry cleaning when needed. He’s got you COVERED.

In conclusion – because I could be here a lot longer – I’m going out on a limb about the curse thing to Eve. Consider this food for thought:

  1. Multiplied pain in child birth. Childbirth was always painful, even before the curse, if now it’s multiplied. In my day, there were drugs and you hardly knew what happened. However, a mother does not escape child induced pain. How do you think Eve felt when her first born killed his brother? Or when God sent Cain away? Sin has an ongoing impact “until Christ is formed in us.”
  2. Your desire shall be for your husband. This has always been a mystery to me. And, I don’t have time to do a Hebrew word study. But in light of the circumstances it occurs to me that maybe after the crushing blow of having blown it with God, maybe this unique consequence will be a tendency of women to want to step back from our role as a co-heir. It is an easy out sometimes to want someone else to call the shots. That way, we never “fail”, right? God might be saying, pay attention because this self-preserving tactic “to let Mikey do it” falls short of displaying My full image.
  3. …And he shall rule over you. In light of point 2, this becomes descriptive of how that plays out. Surely it is never endorsed in the Scripture that one child of God should rule over another. That is an earthly paradigm. The same one the disciples tried to apply in asking “which of us will be the greatest?” I refer you to Jen Hatmaker’s comments on that ( God, Make Us Small – ).

Thanks for your story Eve. Somehow I think you are okay with sharing even when you didn’t look so good. I think that is because you knew the glory of openness before the blow of sin. You are our first womanly role model of restoration.


Your thoughts?

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