Day 5 Eve – Genesis 3:8-15

05 eve

Yeah, it’s such a grand story for her [Eve] beyond the broken, right? And so we could stop at that for each of us, we could stop at the mistake, at the thing that we got wrong – and yet He says, “Actually this is going to be the catalyst for this grand story that I’ve already set in motion.” – Rebekah Lyons

Isn’t it funny how we think of Bible people as flat, illustrations sometimes? Their stories really don’t come to life until we stop to engage with them as real, flesh and blood human beings. One can hardly blow off the Bible as just “stories” once you have allowed the people “in”.

So, here is Eve. She is made as a glorious fulfillment of God’s most unique “kind” of creation. Made in His image – the image of God (I mean let that sink in.) She meets her husband, her partner, her best friend. He is glowing. She is in wonder. They are perfectly provided for by God Himself who comes to chat every evening and enjoy all of creation with them.

Life is perfect…but there is vulnerability. Choice – they were always offered the power to choose.

The enemy is walking around like a lion, looking for someone to devour. The serpent was a snake in every sense of the word. He seemed to just be asking for directions…”is it really true?” “I’m just wondering, since you are God’s favorite and all, could you just clarify?” At first she felt confident, but his questions were not casual. They were meant to confuse and have you trip over your own shoe-strings (if you had shoe-strings – which she didn’t.)  And she tried hard to seem wise – to even be wise. It looked safe…in fact it looked nice…and maybe being wiser was a good thing.

Then it was obvious. Shame and guilt burned from the pit of her stomach. She had never felt pain like this. Was this death? Terror and horror made her dizzy and the snake…he was laughing. Was he laughing? What have I done?

I guess before, Eve didn’t know what being vulnerable really was. But now? Now she knew her nakedness and it was crushing. Now seeing God would be a disaster not a joy. At this point, I am a crumpled mess. I thought death would be the END of pain but it isn’t. It is living in excruciating pain – afraid of God – separated from His love – forever. Broken. Done.

Enter God. He asks but I think He probably already knows. It’s just healing to get it out. Painful but healing. He knows that. “It’s going to need stitches – yeah, it’s that bad. It’s going to hurt a while longer. But don’t worry. I am not leaving you – ever.

Out of this brokenness I already have made a way back. Take it and escape. Take it and come home. I have plans for you – .plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.”

Eve still gets to choose: exposure and shame or restoration. Eve chooses God’s promise of Jesus. Eve was scarred but whole. Humble and brave.

So, get this close and Eve is not a Bible story any more. She is a mother offering wise counsel. Her choices are my everyday choices.

Will I listen?
Will I trust my own wisdom?
Will I recognize my vulnerability?
Will I yield to mercy?
Will I step out of the ashes and be brave?

I want to say “yes.”


Your thoughts?

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