Day 6 Sarah – Genesis 16-21

06 sarahHere’s what I think about Sarah – “S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D”.

She and her husband hit the road, traveling to who knows where.

She’s dealing with being barren. I know I cannot relate to this pain, struggle or doubt. It was especially difficult in her time and culture. Sometimes barrenness was viewed as a curse straight from God – that would make one wonder if God loved them.

Not to mention Abraham’s lineage. I mean just regular lineage, never mind God’s gigantic promise of sand and stars! Pleeeze. It was deplorable to leave your stuff to your servants and who was going to take care of you in your old age?

She’s beautiful and desirable and instead of her husband celebrating that, he keeps telling her to say she is his sister in order to protect his butt. And she does it – twice! Plus the time she spends at Pharaoh’s place and then in Abimelech’s harem. Had to be scary. Women were just property to be collected, had no rights. Sarah’s protection came from God alone but maybe she didn’t know what He had done for her. You can’t actually SEE wombs of someone’s household being closed. And how cheery to think those plagues on men, women and children are because of you.

She tries to deal by “giving Hagar” to her husband. Maybe this was how she was supposed to solve the baby conundrum God had stuck them with. That was her duty as the wife – to have the babies, wasn’t it? Total disaster. Handmaid hated her and the feelings were mutual. Sarah lost it and did unkind things.

Now she’s 90 – time’s up. In fact, it’s past time, let’s just let it go. Then some dude says, “next year.” You’d have to laugh to keep from crying… but embarrassing to get caught.

Then comes Isaac – son of laughter – the miracle child. Now she wonders why she hadn’t trusted God’s words. Why she had lived in doubt and thinking she had to fix everything. Why didn’t she just rest in God’s provision for all she needed? Why me? Why this great and awesome blessing?

So my lessons from the life of Sarah:

  1. God’s words are true and will be fulfilled. Don’t stress. Even in the tough spots, keep going back to that. Living the “no stress” life means trusting Him every day in everyday things. “Fight for Faith!”
  2. It is not your job to make God’s promises come to pass. That is God’s job. Seek Him for your part and then stand out of the way.
  3. God will and is protecting you, even when you can’t see it and even when you are not believing Him and acting all whack!
  4. Do not live in regret of your past. God is about laughing at all He provides even if you are late to the party.

Your thoughts?

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