Day 10 Sarah – Hebrews 11:8-12

10 sarah

By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age, since she considered him faithful who had promised.

The truth appears to be that Sarah was not all THAT faithful and yet this is what has been recorded of her. ..right here in the People of Faith Hall of Fame .

So, if this is the summary of Sarah’s life – the living by faith in the God we serve must not be about a perfect score card. This is good news to me and probably to you as well.

I think we may not think exactly right about what this kind of faith really is. We tend see those isolated events or promises and measure our reaction about them. This is how we know if we are “believing” or “failing”. I wonder if this isn’t a superficial appraisal.

I don’t mean to discount general or personal promises given to us by the Holy Spirit. But my experience has shown that even the fulfillment of these is shallow compared to the all-encompassing faith we have been given to by God in order to be His own. It is a mystery how one comes to permanently and forever belong to God. But, this is the bedrock faith that sustains us – even when we struggle with doubt over the particulars of our lives on earth.

Sarah received power to fulfill God’s plan because she belonged to Him. It is a wonder to find one’s self delivered – when there is no human explanation. During the time following my husband’s stroke –the peace came from what I can only say was God’s supernatural power to believe.

March 20, 2012   How AM I doing..

“What possibly can sustain us except to believe that God is here – real and active in our life? There are those who say faith in God is a crutch for the weak; a substitute for one’s inability to cope in a complicated world or with their own life situations – God is just a copout to get a break from reality.

My answer is I am weak. I am unable to cope with a complicated world and my own life situations. I do need a break from reality. And because of these personal weaknesses, I don’t have the creativity or energy to “imagine” God being here — if I had those resources I could hold on to any idea I chose including my own powerfulness. Instead I am falling into the abyss only to discover I am not destroyed. I have landed in the Everlasting Arms. I am sort of surprised to find this unexplainable thing to be true. I am somehow not afraid. In fact I am as positive and focused and ready for the next adventure as I have ever been. “

In the end, we are vessels sustained by the faithfulness of God.


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