Day 11 Rebekah – Genesis 24-27

11 Rebekah

What can I learn from Rebekah’s fight for faith?

As an overview, Rebekah begins with great maturity for a young woman. She is eager and receptive to following God’s call. Her willingness is rewarded with “love at first sight.” As a couple they are faced with barrenness. Her husband prays and God answers by way of twins. They trusted God to fulfill his promise to Abraham through Isaac and it has begun.

But even during the pregnancy there is strife in her womb. Still close to the Lord, Rebekah prays for understanding and comes away with God’s prophetic words. “Two nations are coming forth – they will be divided; one will be stronger than the other; the older will serve the younger.”

What would she do with the secret God has shared with her?

Famine comes, in speaking with God, Isaac is told to stay in the land. He is obedient but afraid because of his beautiful wife. He lies to protect himself – just as his father had done. And just like Sarah, God protects Rebekah and reveals Isaac’s lack of trust.

I and R’s next struggle comes with Esau’s marriage. How could they manage with a foreigner as a daughter-in-law? It made life bitter for them. Did it have to be this way?

When Isaac, who is old, decides it is time to bless his sons, Rebekah intervenes with deceit. Was she afraid Isaac would go against God’s prophecy? Could that even happen? Why did she feel the need to work counter to her husband in this instead of how they had acted in unity for most of their years together? She makes excuses about choosing a wife for Jacob to send him away. Why didn’t she think her reasoning was perfectly right considering that was how she and Isaac came together?

She likely never sees her favored son again. She precedes Isaac in death but they are buried together along with Abraham and Sarah.

Rebekah seems to begin strong and finish weaker but I don’t want to judge her life. At first glance I have more questions than answers. Rebekah – what will you say to me?


Your thoughts?

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