Day 12 Rebekah – Genesis 24:1-28

12 rebekahAfter reading this passage, describe Rebekah’s character.

Many surmise Rebekah is about 14 years old when Abraham’s servant encounters her. It is not an unusual age for marriage in this time and culture so the servant would have not seen her age as an issue.

One wonders if the servant had something in mind when he proposed the prayer in the form of a “fleece”. Of course he was asking for God’s favor and for God to lead him – both, somehow to the right family and then to the right girl in that family, but still his requirements were a bit extraordinary. That she would give him a drink was a reasonable sign but his expectation that one woman would offer to water his 10 camels might have been asking for some specific qualities.

How about physical strength and endurance?

A walk from home carrying an empty clay jar, carried down the steps to the water and then, now full, back up the steps and all the way home. This was the typical task for one woman. The challenge was for a woman who was physically strong enough to be able to go up and down the steps with a full jar the number of times it would take to water 10 camels. Rebekah, of course was not only willing and able to do that – but she was able to go far beyond and supply the camels “until they were filled!” We are talking 20 gallons per camel or 200 gallons of water! It is no lie when we say, “they don’t make them like they used to” because my research says a clay jar probably held about 6 gallons, so 200 gallons would require about….wait for it….33 or 34 trips back and forth!

The text speaks of her polite manner, her servant’s heart, her self-assurance, her willingness to be interrupted to serve someone else, her free offer to go the extra mile and her generosity. But, in addition, her actions show her as a young woman of physical strength and endurance.

Wonder Woman has nothing on her!


Your thoughts?

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