Day 13 Rebekah – Genesis 24:29-64

13 rebekah

And they blessed Rebekah and said to her,
“Our sister, may you become thousands of ten thousands, and may your offspring possess the gate of those who hate him!”

Have you ever feel like you were caught up in some grand adventure with God?

In spite of the customs of the times, I think Rebekah was a strong and independent young woman. She has been reared in a God fearing family. Apparently her father has died and so she lives with her mother and grown brothers.

Going about her daily chores she makes a decision to serve a stranger with no apparent apprehension. She chooses to serve beyond what she is asked. She fetches water 34 times, while the servant and all his men stand and watch. She accepts the gifts and sees the servant give praise to God. God is inviting her to join Him in something.

She unhesitatingly invites the stranger, his men and all their livestock to stay in her home knowing full well what this requires. She didn’t ask anyone if this would be okay. And then in her excitement she is able to RUN all the way home. She is so quick that the servant is still at the spring when her brother hears the story and runs to welcome him.

The whole story is retold to her family and no one disputes God is in it. The next morning, even when her family hesitates, Rebekah can hardly wait to begin the adventure, and it is her decision that stands.

Seems unheard of that she would have even been asked. But her family sees her as capable and trusts her to make her own decisions. So much did her family honor her choice, they offered her a blessing. You only see this happening to sons – not daughters!

Maybe the people back home have heard of Abraham’s promise from God to be the father of a nation. If that were true, then being inviting into that story….well, YES would have been a no brainer.

But if they had not, the blessing becomes prophetic. God has chosen Rebekah to participate in fulfilling his promise to Abraham. And powerfully willing, Rebekah says “Yes.”

I can’t help but believe God has a grand adventure with Him for each of us. May I be swept up in the possibilities and eager to join Him.


Your thoughts?

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