Day 19 Rahab – Joshua 6:1-25

19 RahabAnd she has lived in Israel to this day, because she hid the messengers whom Joshua sent to spy out Jericho.

There are a couple of things about this story that stand out to me.

First, Joshua tells the entire nation that nothing is to be spared destruction EXCEPT Rahab and her family BECAUSE she hid the spies. Rahab was going to be rescued and taken in by the Jews. She would be temporarily located “outside the camp” but the people would have questions about these foreigners and maybe decide to reject them – you know, because they’re not like us and we are chosen and “God’s people” and they are the enemy and maybe even embedded terrorists! Joshua wanted to be clear about why she was coming and the debt of service they owed her.

Secondly, Joshua sent the two spies who had been saved by Rahab to rescue her. This was more than just a fitting gesture. It likely relieved Rahab’s fears and uncertainty during the siege since she would recognize them. It would give the spies opportunity to keep their promise – face to face. They would show her the very same rescue she had shown them. They would demonstrate their God was also faithful.

And she has lived in Israel to this day… Of course Rahab cannot be living any longer in Israel, though maybe she was at the time of the writing of Joshua. But her story lives in the history and story of Israel. From her lineage comes Jesus, Israel’s Messiah.

Plus, she lives on in the absolute presence of God until this very day and for all eternity. Rahab’s eternity is my eternity. Once outside the camp” and now in – forever.


Your thoughts?

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