Day 26 Hannah – 1 Samuel 1-2

26 hannahIt is interesting that so many women of prominence in the Bible start off being barren. In fact, God often seems to set this up just to make a point.

In Hannah’s case, it is her longing for a child that brings her to ask for the Lord’s favor. She is not drawn because of a promise or because her husband is pushing her. Except for the needling from the other wife, she has a loving husband who gives her extra honor and she could easily be content – but she is not. She longs for more and knows it is only God who can meet her need.

She seeks God’s favor through prayer. I remember Sarah who sought to fulfill God’s promise through her handmaid. Hannah did not look to her own ability to make something happen – she beat against the gates of heaven!

For the pleasure of a child Hannah offered him back to serve the Lord. She received the gift but with open hands of offering.

To learn from Hannah, these are the questions I must answer for myself:

  1. What “barrenness” am experiencing in my life?
  2. Is it pressing me to prayer?
  3. Am I willing to offer back to the Lord whatever He provides?

Your thoughts?

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